Nowadays Aadhaar Card is become very important form everyone as it become proof of Identity and used in several govt. sectors as ID proof. If you have applied for AADHAAR CARD then here you can check the status of your Aadhaar Card and can know that is your Aadhaar is generated or not.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online

When you have visited the Aadhaar Card Center to enroll your Aadhaar, They have given you an enrollment slip which is very important to carry because if you lost this enrollment slip then it becomes very difficult to get Aadhaar Number. Check your aadhar status mention on the website here:

check aadhaar card status image

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online?

Checking Aadhaar status is very easy to check the aadhaar status you must have your 14 digit enrollment no & Date and time of enrollment as given in below example.
Your 14 digit Enrollment no : 1234/12345/12345
Date and time of Enrollment : dd/m/yyyy hh:mm:ss

This image will help you in this regard here is the official link to check the Aadhaar Card status:

Download Aadhaar Card Form in Marathi Online Here

Download Aadhaar Card Online

Have you checked the status of your aadhaar card if it’s generated and you want to download it you can do it by clicking here.

Track Aadhar Card

All the Aadhar card is sending by the India Post if your aadhar is generated but you did not received it on your address then you can track status of your aadhar from here.